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Our children's wing has been lovingly designed to inspire your child's imagination while comforting their body and soul - but we haven't forgotten about the parents! A coffee station welcomes you into the children's hall to give you a well deserved moment to yourself, or provide the opportunity to socialize with other parents! We're here for you and your children.

Sabbath Children & Youth Classes
Begin at 9:45 am



(Ages 0 - 4)

Parents are invited to join their little ones in celebrating God’s love and learning more about Jesus! This classroom is fun and interactive, with songs and play, ending with a story. Parents remain in the room with their children in this class.

Room 102


(Ages 5 - 7)

The Kindergarten Sabbath School class is a place where our imaginations explore the Bible through role playing, physical activities, crafts, and songs. Parents are encouraged to drop their children off in this class, allowing them to spread their wings under the supervision of trained volunteers utilizing a secure check-in and check-out process.

Room 101



(Ages 8 - 10)

In the Elementary Sabbath School room students are still enjoying all of the things children love, but with more in-depth conversation with the teacher and with one another. These students are given more responsibility and spend more time reading in the Bible.

Room 103

Middle School

(Ages 11 - 13)

The Middle School Sabbath School class is held in the nursery, but don’t let this fool you! These students are in a more relaxed environment with comfortable couches and chairs, focusing on more in-depth study and conversation about God’s Word.

Room 400


High School

(9th - 12th Grade)

The High School Sabbath School focuses on relationships and community as students dive into Biblical study. There is a larger emphasis on complex or challenging topics, and a significant amount of conversation pertaining to day-to-day life and how to apply a Christian lifestyle on a day-to-day basis, including how to share their faith with others. The High School group also participates in more activities outside of the Sabbath School room, with various trips and other activities on church campus.

Teen Center

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